Make the Vocals Count

Audio Recording and Mixing

The Dukeman Rocks when he can.  And sometimes that ends up being recorded.  The Dukeman Studios can record analog and digital tracks and mix them together to make Rock 'n' Roll happen.


Video and DVD Production

High definition video can turn a lackluster recording into a video experience worthy of today's higher resolution screens.  The Dukeman Studios can make your next jamming video seem to jump off the screen.  You just might need to wear shades!

Collaborations / Instrumentals

In other words, jamming out.  The Dukeman can Rock you into the next century.  So watch out.  At the very least, you will have had a Rock 'n' Roll, Dukeman Style experience.

Jack and The Dukeman Jamming

Jam with The Dukeman

Jamming with The Dukeman is one way to make Rock 'n' Roll explode into the world like a volcano.  There may not be fire, but there will likely be smoke.  Cool smoke.

The Dukeman Rocks Experience at The Dukeman Studios

Give in to your Rock 'n' Roll desires.  You know you want to.

Hungry For Music

Initiate your own personal Jamolution

You are one click away from Rock 'n' Roll satisfaction.  Contact The Dukeman Studios today to get the ball rolling.  And rocking.