You might have some questions about The Dukeman.  Most people do.  Below is some Dukeman enlightenment.

How did you become The Dukeman?

You had to start right off with a tough one!  Really, it just happened.  One minute I was just jamming out to some classic rock'n'roll, and the next minute I was The Dukeman Rocking!  The Jamolution was in full swing, and Rock 'n' Roll Dukeman Style was born.  Where there is rock, there is The Dukeman.  And where there's The Dukeman ... The Dukeman Rocks.

Does The Dukeman Deliver?

The Dukeman Rocks all the time.  You bet he delivers.

Where can I hear some Dukeman Rock?

Check out The Jamolution using the navigation menu at the top or bottom of this page.  You'll be rocking out in no time.