It's All About The Vibe

The Dukeman's "Philosophy of The Jamolution" is simple:  It's all about the vibe:  play it - feel it - mean it.  If you can pull that off as a musician, you've got it made.


The Dukeman's Story

It started with a love for music.  I remember driving through the countryside with my Dad in his pickup truck.  Dad would sing along with the radio, and when the radio was off, he would sing anyway.  I was intrigued that you didn't need the radio going to make music.  That was cool, man.

So I started singing along with the radio and to the records we had at home.  I was hooked.  Fast forward to high school, singing in Madrigal Choir, The Starlighters, County Honor Choir, portable reel-to-reel recording, and playing cassette tapes of my favorite rock and roll bands...and then at 16 I got my first guitar for christmas.  The Jamolution had begun.

The Jamolution Journey

The Dukeman has jammed out with different friends over the years.  But it started out humbly.  My first solo performance in public was at the end of a Starlighters (my high school chorus) set at a local restaurant.  It was the first time I'd heard my voice over a PA system, bare and raw, accompanied only by my guitar.  I almost freaked out when I heard how different my voice sounded through the sound system rather than just in my head, or even on my tape recorder.  I was the first in my class to be allowed do a solo performance.  Lucky, I guess.  It was scary cool.  Should I say which song it was?  Okay, okay!  It was John Denver's Leaving On a Jet Plane.  I mean it was the '70's!  My backup song was Credence Clearwater's Down On The Corner.  But one song was enough for me.  Talk about pressure.  Thankfully I didn't pass out or drop my guitar.  Or worse.  I mean, I had only started playing guitar just a few months before. Whew!  Scared or not, I was hooked.

Carl's Jr Christmas Party

Night Watch

The Dukeman, Chris Whaley, & Kelly the Bass Player

My first collaboration in a band setting was with Night Watch, with Chris on lead guitar and Kelly on bass guitar.  Chris taught me the minor pentatonic scale and we double jammed lead on Eric Clapton's Cocaine.  I got my new Gibson Sonex guitar during this period.  We used drum drops on LPs for the drums.  Chris had a building on his property we used for a jamming space.  It was a bit rural, so we could play as loud as we wanted.  Awesome!  My heart leapt a bit the first time I rode my motorcycle up that very steep hill with my guitar and mic stand strapped on the back.  I remember the rule in that town was the bars paid bands 1/2 price for rock 'n' roll, so if we wanted to get paid full price we would have to play a lot of country and country rock.  We jammed for a few months, but scheduling conflicts doomed any chance of playing gigs.  I seem to remember a girl was at the center of our final breakup.  Oops.

Radio-Active Dukeman

Pink Floyd and Hard Rock

Calvin Dennison and Me

After moving from South Central California to North Texas, I started jamming with Calvin Dennison, a dude I met at work.  He could play some mean Pink Floyd lead guitar.  He jammed with a few bands down in Corpus Christie from time to time.  I remember we played a mean version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird.  We jammed for a couple years until he moved to California.


Dukeman Jack / Ditto

Jack Anderson, Morning Dove, and The Dukeman

A few years later, I met Jack Anderson at another job.  We were both interested in classic rock, and he was interested in learning to play guitar.  Eventually I had become disabled and about a year after I left work, Jack came by my place and we started jamming out on some classic rock.  He mentioned that a woman from work had an interest in singing with a group, and we ended up forming Dukeman Jack.  The members were me (The Dukeman) on lead vocals and guitar, Jack Anderson on harmony vocals, lead vocals, and guitar, and Morning Dove on harmony and lead vocals and also on various percussion instruments.  After six months we began performing at some private events, such as pool and dinner parties.  Later we changed the name of our group to Ditto.  When I signed up for our YouTube channel, I saw that Beth Ditto and her band had a large following on YouTube and on TV, so we named our YouTube channel DittoTheBand so we could be found more easily.  Even so, the other Dittos seem to come up ahead of us in YouTube search results.   So if you can't find us on YouTube, bookmark our channel page here:  Thanks.

Sample some Dukeman Rock 'n' Roll

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